The Cosmos

We all need a heart that never hardens, and a temper that doesn’t tire,

A reason to stand tall,

And a light to spark the fire.

If you’re looking for your purpose,

Then I know where to begin,

Sitting with yourself silently,

Reaching deep within.

Ask yourself the honest questions,

Impossible to answer,

Tell yourself you’re beautiful,

Sing loudly, become a dancer,

Be everything you want to be,

And not a penny less,

Because after all that’s said and done,

It’s yourself you must impress.

A solo life is a happy life,

Enjoy peace and tranquility,

With every gracious win,

There’s a battle for humility,

A fall from grace,

Is both a story and a lesson,

A blessing and a curse,

Progress toward succession.

Giving up is easy,

But it’s okay if you do sometimes,

Stop, breathe, and sleep dreamily,

Beneath the stars, in warming sheets,

Reflect and rise with dreams so sweet.

Tomorrow is a new day,

And you can take the world by storm,

The universe is on your side,

Your life you can transform.

When the cosmos are not aligning,

I’ll always stand by you,

Through love, laughter, and tears we share,

There’s no challenge we can’t pursue,

If the world is a little heavier, my heart is on your sleeve,

I might not always be next to you, but I’m shining through stars’ beams.

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