In childhood’s embrace, enchantment I found,
Through pages turned and stories profound,
Tales of dragons and witches, chasing dreams and casting spells,
Mermaids and monsters, where imagination dwells.

In the passage of time, creativity waned,
Lost within the echoes of real life, hope was restrained.
Heavy hearts, suffering, and fear,
Losing joy and meaning, echoing doubts forever near.

Emerging from darkness, fascination returns,
Open your eyes to see the magic, a candle flickers and burns.
For glimmers surround us in the most ordinary of ways,
The flow of the stream, on a frosty winter’s day.
The randomness of life, offering glimpses of light,
Sharing experiences, advice, and delight.

For Magic isn’t supernatural, distant, nor far,
It’s in the places we visit, it resides in who we are.
It’s the authenticity of a hug and a warm embrace,
Opening your doors to share life’s sweet grace.

Dedicated to Gemma and her cute family x

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