Loyal Shadows

At times I come across so strong,

A little like I can handle things completely on my own,

Maybe I need control because I think

no-one can do it better,

But it’s probably more likely that I’m protecting you, I’m loyal.

I’m hiding all your mistakes,

Every single letter.

I’d only ever want the world to see you through my eyes,

Strong, beautiful, and hilariously sublime.

I never want to forget you, the way I know you to be,

Your sentimental nature,

Boxes of treasured memories.

I’ve saved all of our trinkets,

The moments you made me laugh.

The times you showed up for me,

And made me talk to you in the bath.

I think I come across so strong,

Because you taught me how to masc,

I don’t feel like I need anyone now,

Especially not romance.

I’ve tried to let people in, but success is biter-sweet,

For every step closer to me they make,

I find a list of reasons to retreat.

I don’t enjoy the pain with loss,

Torment I must deny,

So if I feel myself loving you,

I’ll be quick to say goodbye.

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